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26 January 2018 | Issue No: 7 

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Grenfell Support News 

Rent, service charge and council 
tax update 


1 Rent, service charge and 
council tax update 

2 Update on Grenfell Tower 

2 Care for Grenfell 

2 Legal advice can protect 
your housing rights 

2 Housing information at The 
Curve Community Centre 

2 Overnight NHS support 

3 Come along to the 
Lancaster West Estate 
Ideas Day 

3 Come and work at The 
Curve Community Centre 

3 Activities and events at The 
Curve Community Centre 

4 Support services on offer 

4 Housing update 

4 Give the Council feedback 

4 How can we improve 
the Grenfell Support 

For residents of the Walkways, Bramley and Treadgold House and Verity Close, 
the Council will be extending the rent, service charge and council tax free period 
for one week until Sunday 4 February. We will be writing to residents this week 
to confirm this extension. 

Following feedback and concerns raised by residents about services on 
Lancaster West, we are looking again at the proposed level of rent and service 
charges. We will let residents know next week what they will need to pay from 

Monday 5 February. 

We understand that residents need certainty over these charges as soon as 
possible but we are determined to listen to the feedback we have received. 

For regular updates please follow us 

^01 @grenfellsupport 


■■ grenfellsupport 

The newsletter is also available in 
Arabic and Farsi languages. 


Grenfell Support News 

26 January 2018 

Update on Grenfell Tower 

The Independent site management team who are responsible for 
the tower have provided the following update: 

We understand and share the desire 
of the community to complete the 
scaffolding and wrapping around 
Grenfell Tower as soon as possible. 
Together with the Metropolitan 
Police we will ensure that the Tower 
site is managed sensitively and that 
you are updated at the earliest 
opportunity of our activity. 

Each floor takes approximately seven 
days to complete with scaffolding 
and wrapping. At the moment we 
have completed nine floors. We 
estimate that the tower will be fully 
wrapped by 30 May 2018. This is a 
delay of around five weeks as poor 
weather over the Christmas period 
meant we had to stop work. 

We understand how sensitive 
this issue is for bereaved families, 
survivors and those living around 
Grenfell Tower, and the site will 
continue to operate seven days a 
week to complete the operation. 

The police have advised us that 
Grenfell Tower will remain a crime 
scene until around July 2018. 

While more than a year will have 
passed since the disaster, the 
police have had to take as much 
time as necessary to complete 
what is a painstaking investigation. 
We continue to manage the site to 
ensure first and foremost that the 
police can complete their work. 

Care for Grenfell 

The Care for Grenfell team helps anyone who has been affected by the 
Grenfell tragedy and offers a single point of access to all Council services 
and support. 

The team works to resolve and direct enquiries to the most appropriate 
people and ensure residents and their families are provided with the 
care and support they need. 

Through Care for Grenfell the Council is providing long-term support 
for people from the tower, surrounding area and the wider community. 

This phone line is open from 8am to 8pm and also provides an out-of-hours 
service which can be reached on the same number. 

Call: 020 7745 6414 

1 Email: 1 

L_____._______ ________. _J 

Legal advice can 
protect your 
housing rights 

The Law Society strongly 
encourages you to take advice 
from a housing lawyer before 
accepting any housing offer. You 
are likely to be able to get free 
legal advice about this. The North 
Kensington Law Centre, Citizens 
Advice, Shelter or a housing 
solicitor will be able to tell you if 
you are able to get free advice, 
and if so where you can get it. 

Find out more: 

for-th e-p u b I i c/getti ng-expert- 


Housing information 
service at The Curve 

The housing service at The Curve 
Community Centre has been 
reduced to two drop-in sessions. 

The drop-in sessions are held on 
a weekly basis. 

Tuesday: 2pm to 4pm 
Thursday: 5pm to 7pm 

If you wish to make an 
appointment for either drop-in 
session you can call 07803 442202 
or 07803 442186. 

Overnight NHS 

Come and have a chat and a cup 
of tea with Hestia, Central and 
North West London NHS 
Foundation Trust, and the Drug 
and Alcohol Service. They are 
based overnight at the 
Notting Hill Methodist Church, 
Lancaster Road, from 
10pm to 8am to help and 
listen to those who need it. 

As always, the NHS helpline is 
available all day, every day, on 
0800 0234 650 or at 


Grenfell Support News 

26 January 2018 

Come along to the Lancaster West Estate Ideas Day 

The Lancaster West estate is going to receive a multi-million-pound 
refurbishment and we would like residents to help us design the upgrade 
with us. 

If you are a Lancaster West resident, 
we want to invite you to a meeting 
organised with the Lancaster West 
Residents'Association. You can meet the 
architects who will plan the redesign and 
find out how you can tell them what you 
want. You will take the lead - it is your 
estate and you will be in control. 

The 'Lancaster West Ideas Day will be 
held on Saturday 27 January from 
11am to 4pm at the Kensington 
Leisure Centre, Silchester Road 

As well as the chance to have your say 
on what you like and don't like 
about the estate, you can take part in 
one of the free sessions at the leisure 
centre. Residents can try out a new 
sport, relax with a massage or exercise 
in the centre's excellent facilities. For 
more details, please email 

Come and work 
at The Curve 

'The love, courage, 
resilience and humanity of 
this community is awe 
inspiring!" - These are the 
words of a dedicated Curve 
worker. Do you have what it 
takes to support the 
Grenfell community? Would 
you like to join the team? 
Apply for jobs here 

Activities and events at The Curve Community Centre 

Next week at The Curve Community Centre 

Monday 29 January 

• Introduction to becoming a 
teaching assistant - 10am to 1 pm 

- nine-week course - please book 
as places are limited 

• More learning & play - 

12pm to 3pm - please book as 
places are limited 

• Homework Club - 5pm to 6.30pm 

- 11 to 16 year olds 

Come along with your homework, 
and an experienced tutor will be on 
hand to support you. 

• Emotional and practical support 
for parents. Drop in during 
Homework Club - 5pm to 7pm 

Tuesday 30 January 

• Helping children deal with loss - 
10:30am to 12:30pm - 
(six-week programme) 

• Sewing Club - 10am to 4pm 

• English as a Second Language 
(ESOL) - 9.30am to 12pm and 
12.30pm to 2.30pm 

• How to manage stress - 2pm to 
4pm - (session two of three) 

• Children's yoga - 5pm to 6:30pm - 
5 to 12 years'old 

Come and join in for a healthy, 
relaxing fun activity, which is open to 
girls and boys. 

Wednesday 31 January 

• Parenting seminars (Triple P 
seminar series) - 10am to 12pm 

• Coffee morning - 10am to 12pm 

• Introduction to volunteering - 
1 pm to 3pm - please book as 
places are limited 

• Dryjanuary: Alcohol awareness, 
advice and information - 

2pm to 4pm 

• Book your children's healthy snack 
time after school - 4pm to 4.45pm 
(maximum 12 children) 

• Homework Club - 5pm to 6.30pm 
- 5 to 11 year olds 

Come along with your homework, 
and an experienced tutor will be on 
hand to support you. 

Thursday 1 February 

• Helping children deal with loss - 
six-week programme - 
10:30am to 12:30pm 

• Baby massage in the creche - 
11 am to 12pm - please book 
in advance 

• Chair yoga - 2pm to 3pm - drop in 

• Book your children's healthy snack 
time after school - 4pm to 4.45pm 
(maximum 12 children) 

• Therapeutic arts - 5pm to 6:30pm 
5 to 11 years' old 

Art workshops with different arts 

projects each week to stimulate your 

creative senses. Limited spaces, 

booking required. 

• MEND family activity - 
4pm to 4.45pm 

The Curve Community 
Centre opening hours are 

10am to 8pm Monday to 
Friday and 11am to 6pm 
on weekends. 

Some sessions need to be 
booked in advance to secure 
your place, so email and 

they will confirm your 
reservation by return. 

For a full list of 
events visit 



Grenfell Support News 

26 January 2018 

Support services 
on offer 

Anyone who would like to speak to 
the police in relation to the 
investigation into the fire is asked 
to contact the Met Police on 

0800 032 4539 

Important Contacts 

Bereavement support 

Call the Freephone helpline on 

0808 808 1677 or email 

The line is open 24 hours a day. 

Replacement UK passports, 
visas or immigration queries 

Call our advice line on 0300 303 
2832. The line is open 24 hours. 

Air quality and smoke exposure 

If you have concerns about 
any symptoms, please see 
your doctor or call NHS 111. 

Housing support 

If you have any questions 
about housing or want to find 
out who your housing officer 
is please call 0800 137 111 
or 020 7361 3008 

Victim support 

Call 0808 1689 111 for practical 

and emotional support, or visit The line 
is open 24 hours a day. 

The Grenfell Muslim 
Response Unit also offers 
additional support. Find out more 
by emailing 

You can also get physical and 
mental support at The Curve 
Community Centre. Find out 
more by calling 07712 231 133. 

Housing update 

Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk 



We have committed £235 million to finding new homes for residents and have now secured 300 
properties for families. We invite households to choose which properties they want to view from all 
those available on our Home Connections website. Households currently living in temporary 
accommodation provided by the Council or our partners, also have the option to make these 
properties their permanent home if they wish. For those households living in hotels and who wish 
to move into a temporary home, we will help to find private rented accommodation. 

We will help with furniture, bedding, crockery and cutlery, white goods and utilities. 

Households in 



moved into 

Temporary 58 
Permanent 54 


offers accepted 

Temporary 6 
Permanent 41 

These numbers are accurate as of 26 January 2018 

Give the Council feedback 

Our aim is to provide high quality services in everything we do. 

If you think we have let you down, please tell us so that we can put things right. 
This will also help us to ensure that people have fewer problems in future. 

We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve services; we are 
interested in your views. You can send us your feedback online using our 
comments, complaints and compliments online form here: 


How can we improve Grenfell Support newsletter? 

The newsletter has taken on board feedback from 
residents to improve content and design. 

If you have any ideas for articles for this newsletter, 
email us on 

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